• Posted :   Apr 13th, 2011

    Simple and minimalist seems to be the latest trend riding the fashion block! Need proof? Just check out the most glamorized and spoken about events in celeb tinsel town – the Oscars! A strangely large number of rather gorgeous celebs opted for simple flattering gowns instead of a host of plunging necklines and ruffles. Of course, the fair share of those was also available; yet simplicity outshone it all.

     Simple dresses were the outstanding and loved look. High neck lines also made it to the top list. Here are a few celebs that completely rocked it at the Oscars with their sheer simplicity and gorgeousness.

    • Ashley Tisdale:


    A beautiful gold color, the dress Tisdale wore was quite stunning. A lovely high neck line and a delicately belted waist looked absolutely fantastic on her. She looked young, pretty and quite stunning.

    • Marisa Tomei:

    So this is what Marisa Tomei wore to the after parties but it was attractively simple without too much skin show. The bright pink color looked glorious on her and was a pleasant change from the throngs of reds surrounding her.

    • Michelle Williams:

    Her outfit had a slight vintage look to it. Dressed in bead and lace work, once again Michelle Williams has picked a dress out of the ordinary. A simple white color with a high neck, this gown looked fantastic on her.

    • Amy Adams:

    The necklace might not work with the dress but there is absolutely no denying that her gown is pretty. Blessed with a simple high neck and sleeves, the outfit is merely a body clinging shimmering sheath and yet it looks spectacular.

    • Kate Beckinsale:

    A dress quite similar to that of Amy Adams and no less spectacular! Once again a high neckline, full sleeves and a shimmering body hugging sheath have worked out a wonderful blend together. These women have just gone out of their way to get across a public message – you do not need huge amounts of cleavage or leg showing to look gorgeous on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez are you listening?

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