• Posted :   May 19th, 2009
    womens style

    womens style

    Winning beauty pageant competition is every girl’s dream. This high level event in which girls from different countries of the world participate does not only look for beauty, dress and make up but poise, confidence and fitness also matters much.

    Though everything counts but main eye catching thing is the beauty, which is easily visible and can be decided in a minute’s time who is the most beautiful one. Now the question arising in your mind is, ‘what I should do to look beautiful?’? This article comprises those beauty tips that can earn you the title of most beautiful girl of the pageant. These tips work great for women taking part in this beauty circuit and want to look them as a beauty pageant winner. Below are given beauty grooming tips.

    Impeccable grooming beauty tips

    • Do use self tanner of your skin only, do not overdue it. It gives a very healthy look to skin. Tanner of some other color gives fake look and very unnatural also.
    • Dress also plays a great role in winning pageant. Hence your pageant gown should complement your silhouette, skin tone and make your appearance. It is one of the most important beauty tips, as it greatly enhances beauty.
    • Focus on enhancing your assets. Entire focus on hiding flaws will let down your assets.
    • Concealer should be applied as much is needed. Do not over do else it will be clearly visible on skin. It is a beauty staple of fashionable women to get a flawless complexion.
    • Apply concealer prior to foundation for a beautiful and smooth look. It disguises blemishes on the skin.
    • Deep red and brown color lipstick suit fair complexioned and dark hair women. Use gray and brown color eye shadow.
    • Keep blush to minimal. Do not overdue; else you will look like clown.
    • If having small eyes use eyelash curler.
    • Keep eye shadow to the minimal. The more you put will make eyes look smaller, while light eye shadow highlights them and gives open look.
    • If want to make eyes look larger use false eyelashes but it should of the exact color of your lashes.
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