• Posted :   Apr 7th, 2011

    It’s often been said that the eyes are the mirror to the soul. The eyes are among the first feature noticed by people. A person’s character is judged by the way he/she holds the speaker’s eyes. Hence it is extremely important to take care of your eyes. Here are a few simple tips to care and beautify your eyes:

    1. Feed your eyes:

    Healthy eyes are very important. The correct kind of food makes a huge difference to eye sight. For good and healthy eye sight, make sure you eat plenty of eggs, fresh fruits, steamed or uncooked fresh vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach; carrots area n eternal favorite for good eyesight; nuts, berries and sea food also make a huge difference.

    2. Eye exercises:

    Do basic eye exercises to ensure healthy eye sight. There are plenty of videos and basic information available online which you can try to make your eye muscles stronger.

    3. Eye rest:

    Your eyes need to cool down and rest too. The simplest method is to cut two cucumber pieces and leave them over your closed eye lids. The relief is instant.

    4. Harmonize:

    Several women concentrate so much on their eye makeup that they forget to blend it with the rest of their outfit. If you are wearing a red dress it makes no sense to use green eye makeup.

    5. Eye shape:

    Learn how to dress up your eyes according to its shape. What works on one person won’t necessarily look good on another. Remember to choose make up colors matching your skin tone.

    6. Quality:

    Eyes are precious. Only use quality cosmetics. Never select quantity over quality. The cheaper brands are cheap for a reason.

    7. Clean Up:

    Always take off your eye make up at the end of the day. Make use of goo cleansers and do so lightly with a cotton wool. Never scrub eyes too hard.

    8. Day and night:

    Day functions and night functions demand different eye makeup. Use darker and heavier eye makeup at night. Keep morning colors light and fun.

    9. Sleep:

    No makeup can take the place of good healthy eyes. Get plenty of sleep and treat your body and soul well. Your eyes will automatically sparkle!

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