• Posted :   Dec 16th, 2009

    petite_women_necklaceNecklaces are very essential accessory for every woman. Women with bare neck look like a dry land. Necklaces do come for all women. Petite women are also included in it. Necklaces for them are limited in comparison to other women but still there is a variety. Below are mentioned necklaces types that suit petite women and enhances her appearance. Refer them:

    Long Necklaces

    Long necklaces are best choice for petite women as they create an illusion of tall height for them and also go well with their figure. Avoid long necklaces with multiple strands as they make appearance bulky. Instead opt for single strand long necklaces.

    Delicate Necklaces

    Delicate or subtle necklaces look extremely pleasing on petite frame women as they perfectly match her body proportion. As known petite women have smaller frame thus big necklaces will tend to make her look bulky. Delicate necklaces are a good choice. But plus size petite women should not opt for too delicate necklaces as they will disappear in her body. They should go for necklaces that are little more in proportion.

    Pearl Necklaces

    Pearl necklaces look highly flattering on petite women. Faux and real both pearls are classic choices and enhance smaller figure women. Single-strand or multi-strand, all style pearl necklaces are good options for petite women. Wear any style but avoid choker style necklaces as they wrap around the neck and make a short woman look even shorter.

    Pendant Necklaces

    Necklaces having pendant look very good on petites. If your necklace has V-shape, pendants on them look all the way more look. Pendant should not be too large but big enough to come into notice. In short, the pendant you select should look well proportioned on you.

    Be Without Necklace Also Sometime

    Though sound quite awkward but it is true that sometimes petites should avoid wearing necklaces. It is not necessary to wear necklaces at all times to look well groomed. But make sure avoid only when your look is complete without necklace.


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