• Posted :   Aug 6th, 2009

    beauty_neckNeck is part of the body which is generally overlooked by many women. But they don’t know that beautiful neck exudes same grace as other body parts. Neck care is equally important to look beautiful. Read below written tips for beautifying neck and apply them, else you will regret later.

    * Whenever you wash face with water do it same for neck also. If you apply any cream for your face then apply it on your neck also.

    * Everyday before taking bath massages your neck for two minutes with any cream or skin oil. Massage your neck towards the chin in an upward motion with gentle hands. It helps in blood circulation, hence brightens up the complexion.

    * To avoid difference between face and neck colors apply lemon-turmeric paste on the neck.

    * Apply a layer of yoghurt over neck to remove the tan on the neck. Leave it on for around twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water. After it apply moisturizer and massage softly.

    * For oily skin women buttermilk is a very good cleaner for the neck.

    * Neck gets tanned easily when exposed to sun. Thus protect it from direct exposure to sun. Wear hat or apply sunscreen lotion or cream on neck.

    * Bleach can also be used for healing the spots of sunburn and then should use a natural scrub to remove the dead cell layers from the neck zone.

    * While applying the facial masks, apply it on the neck too.

    * Exfoliation is a very good method to clean neck. Do it on regular basis as it removes the dead cells and give space to new cells.

    * Home exfoliating can also be done by making paste of salt; lemon extract and turmeric powder and apply it on the neck. Massage for sometime. It removes the dead cells and restores smooth skin tune in the neck area. It makes neck skin soft and glowing, if used on a regular basis.

    * Boil water and soak a towel in it and pat the towel on your neck. Repeat it many times. It will work as a steam bath which helps in removing accumulated fats, thus cleans it.

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