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    Wish to look beautiful is not desire but is embedded in the nature of women. Lots of efforts are being done from her side to achieve beauty. But in finding solutions for it she forgets that real beauty comes from within. It is the greatest beauty secret. Certainly external efforts are equally important but to make them work foundation should be strong that is inner beauty.

    There are various natural measures that make us beautiful from inside and glow due to them can be seen in the body. Many modernized beauty products have also come up but old beauty standards have a timeless appeal and will remain so. Their essence will never go down. Some of the timeless beauty touchstones are mentioned below. Follow them and find glorious change in your looks.

    Proper sleep

    Eight hours undisturbed sleep is the greatest way to keep skin healthy. It is a kind of nourishment for body. It also brings glow to the skin. People who don’t take proper sleep have charm less skin.

    Nutritious diet

    Healthy food like vegetables, salads, nuts, dry fruits, fruits, juices milk etc provides great nutrition to the body. One should make balance of all these things in their diet to remain active, smart, healthy and beautiful.

    Exercise daily

    Exercising daily not only maintains your health but also enhance beauty. There are different ways of exercising like physical exercise, yoga, meditation, aerobic exercise and so on. Adopt any one or all and find great lift in beauty and have great looking body.

    Drink water

    Drinking water is one of the best ways of charming skin. One should drink at least eight ounces of water in a day. It removes all toxins from the body ad keeps body clean from inside.

    Be happy

    Smile on face add a great charm to your personality. It is considered a great beauty tip for looking beautiful. All beautiful women will have this thing in common.

    Care of Hairs

    Hairs are also a part of your body and needs care. They held great importance in imparting knockout appearance. Solutions for great hairs are hot oil massages at least once a month. Massage should be done with olive oil, castor oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Use mild shampoo for hair washing.

    Nail Care

    Nail care is an essential step towards attaining beauty. For that regular manicures and pedicures are essential. It keeps nails healthy and strong. Also keep them clean and moisturize on a regular basis.

    Take care of eyes

    Eyes are greatest source for judging beauty. Their care should be high on everybody’s agenda. Charming skin and dull eyes does not make good combination. Proper rest for eyes is very much important. Do not strain them and keep washing with cold water in regular interval of time. Regular eye check-ups are must.

    Skin Care

    Glowing skin portrays beauty in best manner. Use of mild soaps or skin cleansers for washing give glow to it. Face packs, body packs and moisturizing it daily greatly rejuvenate skin.

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