• Posted :   Dec 6th, 2011

    As the mother of the bride it is important that you look the best for the wedding of your daughter, but the selection of the dress should match you age, style and most important that you do not pick the color same as your daughter’s wedding dress, as a mother of the bride you need to keep in mind that it’s your daughter’s wedding and you should not steal the thunder.

    Mother of the bride outfits are very easy to find these days all you need to keep in mind are:

    • The current style (that suits your body and height)
    • The season (so that you are comfortable wearing the dress)
    • Color that matches your complexion (remember bright colors for the day and subtle and soft colors for evening wedding).
    • The Wedding Theme (keep color and trend in mind, so that you do not fall out of the place).

    To make your task easy and help you in your quest…follow these guidelines, as they make sopping easy and fun for you…
    It is important that you are aware of the wedding concept or theme; keep in mind the motifs and the place of the wedding, this is important so that you do not fall out for the place, becausecoz if the theme is pink you should not turn in wearing a blue dress. If you are an online shopper then things get easier and if you are not then you need to burn some money on gas as well as energy.
    For that perfect fit you need to drive t the store and try the outfit yourself, this is the most customary method of buying a dress but if you wish to shop online then you need to provide exact measurements and wait for the dress to arrive at your doorsteps, so that you try it once it comes.

    The latest In fashion of Mother of the Bride dresses that’s doing the rounds are:

    • Multi Layered gowns
    • Strapless dresses with bolero jackets
    • Laced gowns
    • Mini Silky Dresses are just a few to mention
    Follow these tips and have fun shopping….

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