• Posted :   Sep 9th, 2011

    If you have not tried mineral make up then there is definitely something you are missing in today’s make up world; this is one make up trend which you just cannot afford to give a miss and is recommended for all beautiful ladies reading this article on mineral make up. To achieve that perfect look which will make you look like a diva and make your ex go weak on their knees, here a few tips which will help you achieve just that.

    This is one make up which is definitely going to stay for a long long time, the make up is a bit time consuming but trust me its worth it. Follow these simple steps to get everything right in the first go.

    The Brush & Foundation

    The kabuki brush is the best when it comes to applying mineral make up, this brush is almost similar to blush brush or a powder brush which has small stubby handle with firm bristles. The mineral make up is applied in buffing motion as the small bristles and study handle are good enough to maneuver an even coverage. If you wish to use the mineral make up as a concealer, the best way is to use your fingers especially for under eye make up; to achieve best effects for the under eye area and the area around nostrils use a lip brush, it will blemish that particular area making the whole coverage look even.

    Mineral make up powder is usually loose and needs to be tabbed before applying. It is meant to be used a s foundation and to achieve an ideal look follow these steps

    1. After you spill a small amount of product on a tissue, dip your kabuki brush in the powder and keep rolling it on the tissue till all the bristles have powder on them, you are ready to use it when you see that there is no powder on the tips.
    2. Begin at the center of your face, forehead is the best place to start from and complete it by working on the edges of your face.
    3. The bluffing motion is the flawless way to apply make up, as it will help the minerals to get absorbed into your skin adding consistency on your face.
    4. If incase there is a patch or an area left o the face which was not covered then use your finger or brush to cover that patch and then gently use the kabuki brush for the best outcome.

    Mineral make up brands usually sell brushes with their products, but the quality of the brush may vary with the product, try different styles of kabuki style brushes till the time you find one that suits your face.

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