• Posted :   Sep 29th, 2009


    Make up and beauty are not property of young women only. Older women also have equal right to look beautiful and apply make up. Yes, this is true that make up techniques do differ from young age to old age but that is just to look appropriate according to your age.

    This article will tell how older women should apply make up. What all things old women should keep in mind. Make up for them is a way to flaunt sophisticated and classy look. The basic challenge in applying make up over old women is to cover her ageing marks and give her a graceful look.

    Older women make up tips


    Face make up for old women includes light foundation mixed with moisturizer to nourish your dry face. It gives decent glow to face. Heavy foundation is not for you. You can also use the lighter shade of powder which is moisturizing, and goes on smoothly. If use brush make sure it is cream blush instead of a powder for a dewier appearance. Use a non-frosted powder below your chin to hide the sloppy neck.


    When it comes to eye make up first of all curl your lashes. It makes you much attractive to look at. Use neutral shade of shimmer for more natural look. Liner and mascara you use should be classy enough. Avoid wild colors, go for mild ones.


    At old age generally eyebrows becomes thinner and their color also begin to fade. For restoring their looks use a powder, pencil or gel that is similar to your natural eyebrows color and look stunning as before.


    By old age lips become dry. For giving lips wet, fresh and young look use foundation and powder closer to the lip line. Also go for an anti-feathering lip primer to avoid feathering. Lipsticks shades should be graceful like pink, berry, coral etc.
    With hairs you have ample options. Go for a haircut that complements your face. Also, go for colors lighter in shade for a softened and graceful look.

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