• Posted :   Aug 4th, 2011

    When writing about fashion, people mostly talk about dresses and gowns. A pretty cocktail dress or a prom dress can or will look awesomely stunning only if you have applied the right make-up. A make-up perfectly done, not too much and not too simple is the best way to look flawless. A little of too much can spoil your night since you’ll end up looking like a clown.

    Skins also are in different types. Normal, oily and dry are the commonly known ones. Even make-up is skin sensitive. You do want to look like a celebrity for the night, but don’t want your skin to spoil sport on the remaining days. A bad choice of make-up will leave your skin spoiled and never-like-before. With a few tips and suggestions, one can be a pro in wearing the right make-up and also keep your skin healthy.

    Before doing any kind of make-up, get your skin tested to find out what type of skin you have.

    If you have a dry skin, use products that are liquid best. Liquidized products have moisturizers in them keeping your skin moisturized needful enough. Any kind of matte products will dry your skin even more. A moisturizer spray on your face will keep your skin hydrated and protected from the heavy make-up that’s going to follow

    For oily skin, matte-finished products are the best. It keeps your skin oil free and the make-up will stay for long. Oil-free products also give a glossy look. Every product be it a moisturizer or a gloss, water-based products are the best for a women’s skin.

    Advertisements are not the right source of inspiration to pick the right make-up. Personal recommendations and experiences are the best. Listen to your instincts or rather facts.

    For dark skinned people, you can use color like brown or burgundy for eye-make-up. Soft pink or shiny blue also looks good.

    For lip gloss, too much shine doesn’t look good. So if it is way too glossy, press a tissue and reduce the gloss effect immediately.

    Before walking out of your home do look at yourself in detail, so you know what’s lacking and what’s too much.

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