• Posted :   Apr 4th, 2011

    Any well dressed person always has that X factor. It’s what completes the look and makes her look fantastic. If a person is dressed to the nines but misses out n that innate sensuality, the entire spark of the creation dies down.

    So how does one add that sensual touch without going overboard? Here are a few pointers to achieve that perfect look:

    • Too much skin show:

    A lot of people muddle up a whole lot of skin show with looking sensual. There’s a fine line between sensual and vulgar. Rule number 1 is to recognize that line. Exposure is not a synonym to sensuality. Sensuality is something every woman has and is inborn with. The idea is to learn how to explore it and add oomph to the overall appearance with it. The basic concept of looking sensuous is by appealing to or gratifying the observer’s senses. Remember a woman is always better off revealing less.

    • Messages:

    Dressing up is a huge part of non verbal communication. Onlookers form an impression in their head by checking out the way you dress. One must be very careful about how they caress their sensuality in order to get the right message across.

    • Confidence:

    Sensual women are confident women or rather confident women are sensual women. One’s confidence and sensuality is reflected by the way a body moves. It makes no difference what size, shape or of age you are – what matters is how one feels about herself and how she portrays it to the world.

    • Dressing up:

    A dress is probably the best way for a woman to unleash her sensuality. What matters is if the dress suits her, she feels good about it and then the way she carries herself in it. There are a variety of dresses available for women – those with plenty of skin show and those that are more formidable.

    The biggest hint for sensual dressing up is to tease the senses. Just a hint of cleavage is a lot better and desirable than exposure. Sensuality is at its best when the onlooker is dying to get to know you better and is curious!

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