• Posted :   Aug 11th, 2011

    To look ultra glamorous not just attire wise but also face-wise, you can always look up to celebrities and their make-up style. In the recent Teen Choice Awards, many celebrities look mesmerizing in their wisely-chosen make-up. Right from Selena Gomez to Ashley Greene-everyone looked like princess out of a fairytale. Ashley Greene however looked marvelous in her make-up. She kept it simple but it still evoked sensuality.

    For the face she applied light foundation so that the skin looks bright and fresh. She kept the foundation light so that it does not look over done. Considering her skin tone, you can also see a foundation powder applied which is in shades of bronze, now that’s what made her skin shining especially her cheek-bones.
    So for the face use a foundation that blends really well with your skin tone or else it will be disaster and keep it similar for your cheeks and jaws too.

    The eyes are a very sensuous feature of a girl. The more you highlight it, the more your face will be enhanced. Ashley Greene applied nice mascara to her eyelashes and she applied it outwards so that her eyes look bigger. For her brow bones, the color used was a nude color. So that way it brings shine and also looks very naturally pretty. For her lower lashes also, she applied the same mascara but a little less. So they still looked very feathery and were highlighted perfectly.

    And finally for her lips, she used a bold and sexy colored. The color is way too bright, she used sober red more like burgundy red. It dint look over done. She looked stunning in this extremely minute yet wisely done make-up.

    So if you have a party to attend, follow these very simple guidelines. These are basics that can be done at home. Keep every kind-of makeup simple and stylish. Don’t over-do it and with all this you can look like our very own Ashley Greene. She wouldn’t mind a few look-alikes.

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