• Posted :   Jun 25th, 2010

    women dressThe contemporary youth is bursting with exuberance, curiosity and high spirits. Their contribution to the society is imperative and for that their voices need to be heard. ‘United Nations’ has recognized this need and come up with a significant day like ‘International Youth Day’ that is celebrated very year on the 12th of August with great zest and energy.

    Having a presentable demeanor is of supreme importance on such an occasion. Every girl would want to stand out from the colossal crowd and feel like a million bucks in a pretty looking dress. Having an issue that is worth talking about and an appearance worth flaunting would be the perfect harmonious combination for a woman to have on youth day. A chic evening dress or gown would do complete justice to a young girl’s personality on such an occasion. The younger generation’s contribution to the society cannot be quantified in numbers. Their voices are active and their actions are prominent all around. Especially the modern young woman has fearlessly left a mark in nearly all spheres today, right from media to politics. She knows the importance of not just using her mind constructively but also sprucing up her appearance in a smart and stylish way.

    Experimentation doesn’t work on a day like this. It’s an important day and you need to make sure you pick up something you are comfortable wearing. Colors like black and white are the universal glamour colors; they look gorgeous, no matter what occasion. Fabrics like stain, chiffon and organza would be perfectly suitable for a grand shindig of this nature. Frilly knee length dresses, sweetheart necklines, one shoulder patterns, deep V necklines, ruffled hem dresses etc are worth giving a try. The shutter pleated pattern is very much in vogue lately. If you have an outgoing personality and do not mind donning something unconventional, a shutter pleated dress would truly complement your personality. Subtle colors like light pinks and angelic whites would be apt for girls who prefer flaunting a subtle and a feminine style.

    The key to get noticed would be to wear the right attire. A warm genuine smile on the face would be the perfect accessory with that pretty dress you choose to wear. If you don’t want to stick to conventional colors like black or white, you can try fuchsia, gold or yellow. They would make you look edgy and also prominent in a way.

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