• Posted :   Jul 11th, 2011

    prom-dressProm dresses have always attracted me as a kid and they still continue to do so. The one thing that I figured out about the prom dresses is that in the event of dressing for a prom night…every girl is so overworked to look different…that they forget the basic point and that’s about comfort. Let’s find out what’s around the corner that will look good on you

    It is very important that you step into the right dress that not only looks good on you but also fits well, at the end of the day you have to breathe. Let’s take at some of the body shapes and the dresses that look good on them and some tips as to how to place an order for a prom gown online with correct measurements.

    Since all body types have some flaws and offer some room for enhancement, they all need to be dresses as per their shape and size. It’s important that you figure put you body type and buy a dress as per your shape and size because this is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

    The guidelines provided will help you figure out a dress for your body type: -

    Hourglass: – The ones who have this body shape are just fortunate as all dresses look good on them. Women this shape looks good in almost everything. The best prom dresses that will go with this shape would be strapless and halter necks. Try to emphasize your waist by wearing dresses with cinched waists.

    Straight: – Avoid body hugging dresses as this is the boyish figure and do not flaunt your square shape. A-line dresses are the best bet for women who have this body shape. A dresses with a flared skirt is a very good option and consider leaving your shoulder open.

    Rounded: – A lot of flattering dresses are available for this type. The dresses with a drop waist and low neckline are the best option. The good thing about this option is the low neckline enhances your bust and the drop waist will lengthen your torso. A flared skirt and empire waist are the dresses that you should definitely give a try.

    When planning to buy a prom dress online, always remember to get you measurements from a professional seamstress. This will help you purchase a perfect dress size as all dress sizes are not similar as they very from manufacturers to manufacturers.  Follow these tips to buy a dress.

    Have fun dressing for the most important event of your life and remember dress with confidence as this is the most important accessory.

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