• Posted :   Apr 15th, 2011

    Every chic woman – irrespective of her age will always have a leather something in her wardrobe. It could be a leather skirt or a leather pant or a pair of leather shorts or a leather vest. The options in leather clothing, of course, are endless. Now every fashionable woman also knows that it is virtually impossible to combine leather with leather. A leather shirt and a leather skirt just do not mix together! But as a saving grace, leather does work fantastically well with other fabrics – be it cotton or silk or velvet or georgette or chiffon. Leather blends with every fabric! That is when some designer came up with the novel idea of leather infused dresses!

    Leather combined dresses are probably the most wondrous creations that you could probably set your eyes on. They have an almost exotic appeal thanks to the mingling of the sheer toughness and beauty of leather along with the softness (in comparison) of any other fabric.

    A relatively new style, nevertheless it is available in a plethora of choices. While some creations are available with a majority of leather mixed with only a bit of a lighter fabric, others are available in the exact opposite pattern. Dual shaded leather combination dresses are probably the most exquisite! The interplay of fabrics and the sheer mixture of them come together to create a magnificent impression. Short leather combination dresses are among the most popular.

    The washing or cleaning of leather infused dresses can get to be a little tricky. You cannot wash then the way you would a normal dress or a simple leather creation. The best way to clean the semi leather garment is to send it for dry cleaning. In case of stains, deal with it the same way you would an individual fabric. For example – in case of a food stain on chiffon, you would have to rub in a little detergent powder while in case of leather, rub it down with a soft damp cloth.

    While it may be a little tricky to care for leather infused dresses, it is totally worth it!

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