• Posted :   Jul 29th, 2011

    Wedding can be formal or casual and so can be the wedding dress. Weddings organized at a church or ball room are formal and require formal attire and the ones organized on beaches and forests are casual and need casual attire.

    Some people love attending weddings for amazing food and wine and I also get to comment on the brides and grooms wedding attire. Well if you have someone like that attending your wedding and is not a close friend then you need to be careful of you attire.

    Here are some of the latest casual and traditional 2011 wedding attires; follow these and be safe and look trendy: -

    Use fabrics like chiffon, crepe, silk for outdoor weddings to the natural factors like humidity and heat. For indoor wedding you can opt for any material and long gowns.

    A detailed bodice work is one that has actually been included in the latest trend; they have the ability to make you look like a princess. The length of the dress and the color is chosen that matches the environment.

    Give importance to the upper part of the wedding dress as the work done on the upper part is what is going to be highlighted. If you wish not to wear a regular white color wedding dress then it’s a good decision try wearing colors like baby pink, or light blue in crepe or tulle fabric as they look great.

    A black cocktail dress is the latest wedding dress trend which is being accepted by many brides. Black is very dominating color so avoid wearing for outdoor weddings; but for indoors it will just go fine.

    When shopping for a wedding dresses try to keep things simple and straightforward. Usually all fashion boutiques keep updating their latest trends; but if you are planning to shop online then once should be aware of what you are looking for and what wish to buy.

    Have fun! And wish you a happily married life………..

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