• Posted :   Apr 20th, 2011

    With all the hype about the royal wedding and so on and so forth it’s no wonder that Kate Middleton soon to be Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales is under acute attention. She has to pay attention to every little detail – the way she stands, the way she talks, the way she walks and most importantly the way she dresses. Thankfully for Middleton, she has been doing a pretty decent job so far. In fact she has been featured in People magazine’s 2007 and 2010 best-dressed lists and lately has been named the Top Fashion Buzzword of the 2011 season by the Global Language Monitor.

    So what makes this gorgeous 29 year old such a great dresser? If you look at Middleton’s styles, you will notice that almost all of her dresses have a slight A-lined skirt and end a little above the knees. She has great legs – which she exploits fully but has an expansive waist – hence the use of cinched belts! She is also not afraid to experiment with colors from bright blues to subtle whites!

    A gorgeous colorful dress with a random abstract print, the black cinched belt works to Kate’s advantage! It shows off a slight curve instead of a straight figure. The hemline ends a little above her knees displaying gorgeous legs.

    An empire waist dress, this little number created a furor! It shows off her delicateness and feminism while the charm she exudes adds to the gorgeousness of the number.

    When someone with a not so perfect figure is named to a best dressed list, you know that she has style. Kate sure knows how to give an appearance! The plunging neckline, the slightly shimmering fabric and the cinched waist all work perfectly together!

    It’s party time for Kate! Her first choice a loose baby blue sheath works extraordinarily in skimming over her figure without revealing the negatives. It looks bright and fun! Her second choice – a shimmering black creation is perfect for a night out and the gorgeous satin tie-up is exactly what is needed to add glamour while giving the appearance of a narrow waist.

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