• Posted :   Jun 15th, 2011

    Red is an eye catching color. Even in a traffic signal red symbolizes stop and makes you pay attention. Red is also known for its vibrancy and strong emotions of excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, and war – basically all things intense and passionate. It takes guts to carry off red. If you are looking to radiate confidence and vitality then a red dress is what you should be looking for. Red is basically looked upon as a sensual color, and can be associated with man’s most profound urges and impulses. So if you plan on wearing a red dress get ready to raise the temperature tremendously.

    There are plenty of red dresses out there. A red sun dress is ideal to deal with the heat of the summer. Match the gloriousness of the summer sun in a red dress. Pick out a nice material like cotton or organza for your summer dress. Your dress should be nice and breezy and look light and summery. A red silk dress would look fantastic at a formal evening party.

    If you plan to make a grand entrance, then select a beautiful red Cinderella style ball gown. The full skirt and the attractive color will make you look elegant and adorable. Another great choice is a red mother of the bride dress. A red dress exudes the bold personality of the wearer. It also makes a great first date dress. In Japan, the red symbolizes happiness and new beginning. A red dress is for someone who enjoys the limelight but what if you are the shy type? Does that mean red is not your color? Don’t let anyone tell you that. Red, like any other color, has about a hundred shades, select a deeper red color bordering on maroon. You still look glorious and confident while still proudly carrying off a red dress.

    Red knows no age bar. You could be 13 or 30, 15 or 50 – red is made for everyone who can handle its zest and fiery spirit. Be it your birthday dress, your prom dress, your red wedding gown or your 25th wedding anniversary dress – a red dress is made for one and all and suits a whole multitude of occasions.

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