• Posted :   Feb 22nd, 2012

    prom-dress2-725x1024Every woman wants her apparel to be unique, chic and a style statement to other ladies around. If you want to be the center of attractions in the extremely special events such as blind date, cocktail party or opening promotion parties, its but obvious to choose the best attire which will not only suit the function, but also your body structure. Prom dresses are always known to be the most graceful and stylish attire that will surely make you looks stand out in the crowd. No matter what the style is whether it’s elegant, valiant or flirty they are sure to make to feel like milestone.

    In order to go with more classic look strapless gowns pleated with beautiful touch of jewel pleating is an excellent choice. Embellish your entire appearance with the elegant prom dresses that will add stunning appearance to your body type.

    Prom dress for full and curvy body:

    Bold and dark shaded Prom dress is the perfect choice if your body is bit bulky or curvy. Always remember, darker shades make your body look slimmer and slender. Do not go for the too short length prom dress; choose the one which is either below your knee or else just full length. Avoid the over emphasized patterns which has too many lines or prance, as this will make you look bit fluffy. That what you really don’t want to be!! Choose the stylish but elegant prom which will really add stars to your beauty.

    Prom dress for Tall or Slim body:

    Shorter dresses for the tall body will really make you appear bell of the ball as this helps in reducing the facade of height.  You can even choose the one with lots of patterns and ruffles as they will surely make you look charming.

    Further if your body is slim, you don’t need to be bashful from solid colors or patterns with heavy fabrics as this adds weight to your appearance. Rather than this you can even go for the one which gathers towards your hip portion.

    Prom dress for petite body:

    If your body structure is small and petite, avoid going full ankle length proms as this will make you look more engulf. You can choose bold shades like black, purple, red with plummeting neckline or backless pattern which will make you look hot and sexier.

    Make your evening memorable by selecting the perfect fitted prom dress

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