• Posted :   May 6th, 2011

    Halen mirren after 40Are your pleated skirts and frumpy tops giving away your true age? Have you not updated your hair or your accessories in a few years now? The first thing you need to instill in yourself as a woman over 40, is that you can be as sexy and beautiful looking as your younger counterparts. The key to looking beautiful or mature gracefully is to take a good look at your beauty habits and wardrobe with a critical eye and find what works best for you. What are the kinds of clothes that suit you? What do you get maximum compliments in?

    The biggest challenge you will face as a woman over 40 is to adapt your wardrobe to your changing body without looking out of fashion. You body is in transition. It’s like those awkward teen years. But you handled that and you will handle this. The key to dealing with these bodily changes is to refresh your look and bring about your best. Add a beautiful cocktail dress to your wardrobe. Something that makes you feel good about yourself. Use Oprah as an example. She dresses beautifully for her age and her body type.

    Focus on dresses that show off your shoulders and legs since these are the slowest to age. Of course, this is not an excuse for you to wear mini skirts or short prom dresses. No matter how great your body is remember not to go too short or try and compete with your daughter’s wardrobe. The sheer attempt to dress younger than your age makes you look older. Never wear baggy clothes. Instead opt for pieces which give you shape like jackets or dresses with thick middles. Stop worrying about trends. It’s time for you to create your own wardrobe and pick out what works best for you.

    A great way to not go wrong is to take a look at mature movie actresses and television stars and try to emulate their look. See what works on them and how they carry it off. Helen Mirren is a wonderful example!

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