• Posted :   Mar 22nd, 2011

    cocktail partyCocktail party season is here! Without wasting any more time, here is a quick and short guide to dressing up for cocktail parties:

    1. Occasion:
    How do you define exactly how formal you should be dressing up for a cocktail party?

    Your biggest clue is your invite. If you receive a formal invite, take pains to dress up and dress up well! If you receive a casual invite, you still need to take pains to dress up but the cocktail party is more casual in nature. In case of a formal cocktail party being held by your work place, be careful about the skin show. You do not want to scandalize your co workers!

    2. Options:
    There are basically two options available when it comes to cocktail dresses. Full length gowns and short party dresses. Pick one that your comfortable in. if you have spent hours in the gym or just feel like showcasing your long legs then option two is the way to go.

    Full length gowns signify splendor, elegance and a regal grace. Short dresses signify sassiness, fun and a flirty atmosphere. If you are on a tight budget then I suggest option 1. Usually full length gowns suit a lot more occasions than short dresses.

    3. Colors:
    Usually day parties demand bright colors while evening parties call for deeper shades with glitter. Also, the location of the party matters. If it’s a garden party, I suggest shorter dresses. You don’t want to spend a fortune getting grass stains off your gown.

    You must remember that none of these are hard and fast rules. Dark colors are the preferred option at night. It’s not a compulsion. If you think a baby blue does you justice, then by all means opt for a baby blue cocktail dress!

    4. Variation:

    Whether you pick a full length gown or a short party dress – both came with a whole plethora of choices. You can pick from various materials – the favorites being chiffon and georgette. Raw silk, satin, lace and tulle are not too far behind.

    Whatever your choice, make sure that you pair it with the right accessories the most important being confidence.

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