• Posted :   Jun 21st, 2011

    Have you ever wondered why you never find yourself dressed like one of the girls on Jersey Shore or at the MTV Beach House? To be honest, there are high chances that if you picked out one of those girls and placed her in an average 7-11, she’d probably be called some pretty demeaning names before she even has a chance to pay for her skim latte. There’s a fine line between sexy and what lies beyond. The trick is to learn how to work the sexier garments into your daily routine without feeling like you belong on a reality TV show.

    *  Office:

    Looking good is extremely important when you head to the office. It makes you look confident and assertive. A narrow pencil skirt is both fitting and formal. Tuck your formal shirt into the skirt for the best effect. Long sleeves with a tea length fitting skirt are the ultimate way to be covered while simultaneously showing off your curves.

    * On dates:

    When you are headed out on a date, it is very important that look sexy without making it obvious. You want to look like you wake up, eat and sleep sexy. Select a short A line dress and combine it with boots or select a dazzling mini skirt and combine it with a fun halter top.

           *  Out on the town with the girls:

    Out on the town basically means dressing to the nines, dancing and meeting a lot of men. You want to be comfortable and dressed for fun. A casual summer dress or a gorgeous floral print dress would look great for the occasion. These evenings call for a look that makes you feel hot without looking skimpy.

           *  Casual evening out:

    Just because you are out for a casual doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look good. A short ruffled skirt or a cute mini dress would look fantastic. Combine it with a casual top and ballerina flats.

    Sexy does not mean that you have to go skimpy. It means being able to carry off the clothes that you wear with comfort, style and confidence.

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