• Posted :   Jun 7th, 2011

    Summer is party season. You are bound to be invited to a plethora of places for some fun and laughs. Here are the parties you are most likely to get invited to and some of the best attire for the parties:

    1.  Fireworks Party on the Fourth of July:

    Select a fine short skirt. Straight fit and fun. Combine it with a nice low necked top and add to it a simple cotton jacket. Add a pair of stilettos and you can be sure to hear a lot more than just fireworks in the sky!

         2.  Beach Wedding:

    If it’s summer time then you are bound to be invited to at least one beach wedding. Select something nice and ruffled in beautiful bright color. Whites would also work wonderfully. It could be breezy though so select a straight fitting dress and keep away from long hemlines and floor length gowns.

        3. Office Cocktail Party:

    A formal skirt or a formal one piece dress would look absolutely gorgeous. Just beware not to go too short or too shiney and glittering.

        4. Pool Party:

    Pool parties are the absolute best. It’s time for you to have fun and how. Select a nice short cocktail dress that makes you look sexy, sassy and cool. Go for a tube dress or a nice halter dress. Short, frilly and cute is the way to go! Don’t forget your sun screen.

        5. Late-Night Bonfire:

    Something warm, preferably not wool. Fleece is good. Thick cotton would do well too. A nice warm dress or a simple one with a nice woolen jacket would look fantastic.

        6. Black-Tie Wedding:

    If you have been invited to a black tie wedding or a black tie event, to which you are invited then select a gorgeous cocktail dress or a beautiful red carpet gown. Think a nice silk fabric or a nice chiffon dress. Short or long – both are excellent choices.

        7. Afternoon Barbecue:

    If there’s a pool, a bikini or a gorgeous swim suit with some personality would look smart and sexy.

        8. Clambake:

    A nice short dress with a jacket and a nice thick waist belt would look exquisite.

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