• Posted :   May 20th, 2011

    dress with accessoriesHave you ever noticed how some women just seem to drip elegance so effortlessly? What is it that makes these women stand out from the others? Could it be their accessories or their clothing or a combination of the two? If you look at the classic celebs like Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley you will know exactly what elegance what means.

    Elbow-length gloves, a leather handbag, a silk scarf and patent courts are all style ingredients which help achieve that stunning and elegant look. Elegance goes hand in hand with confidence. The best example of elegance in the celeb world would have to be Audrey Hepburn in her role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. not many women manage to be known as the most beautiful and the most elegant so many years after their death.

    An easy and quick way to achieve instant elegance is to start is with accessories. Take Victoria Beckham for example. A self-confessed accessories queen, this beautiful woman knows how to dress up. Undoubtedly her choice of apparel has a big hand but the combination of her accessories with her chosen apparel take the cake. Never over done or under played – Miss Beckham truly knows her style.

    The type of dressing you choose also makes a difference. You could look elegant in something as simple as a cotton sun dress or a glamorous cocktail dress to professional attire. Elegance lies in you and the way you carry off what you wear. Flashy clothing rarely makes it elegance. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for demure or boring either. Elegance is that subtle balance known as fantastic dressing.

    Elegance pays no heed to colors though it is stereotyped with dark shades. One look at Helen Mirren in a bright pink dress pushes any such doubts away. Elegance has grace attached to it.

    Other important factors contributing to elegance are the perfect shoes, the perfect jewelry, the right fabric of dress and most importantly the right combination of the factors mentioned. The right perfume and make up also go a long way to contributing towards elegance.

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