• Posted :   Apr 19th, 2011

    cute dressDon’t fear your budget; don’t fear your body type – you van dress cute irrespective of these. It is very important to keep in mind both the fit and cut of your clothes. Below are a few tips on how you can dress cute. They include things like trends, the power of accessories and individual choices and taste.

    1. Discover your body:
    It is very important to know your own body type. Clothes look entirely different from one to another. You may have noticed that some women can look great in rags and some women manage to look horrid even in high end designer boutique outfits. Figure out the shape of your body and learn to understand what type of outfit suit your body. If you have a favorite feature, try and highlight it; if you know of a particular color that suits you then try and pick out an outfit in that particular color.

    The most important aspect of dressing cute is to pick out an outfit that compliments your body type. Picking out outfits that are too small may give off entirely negative impressions while loose clothes may make you look drab and shabby. Usually a nice sun dress ending a little above the knees in bright colors are often associated with cute. Pair it up with a pair of flats and you have got yourself a rather cute deal!

    2. The power of the right decisions:
    Remember to stick to your own individual taste. It’s step 1 of looking adorable. Find a cute outfit for yourself without losing your own personal choice. Flared or baby doll dresses, A line skirts, puff sleeved tops are all superb ideas.

    3. Accessorize!
    No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Even ‘cute’ needs its fair share of accessories. Just a belt or a lovely pair of earrings can add that oomph factor to your outfit. Also remember that accessories have the power to change a cute dress into ‘hot’. Be very careful with the amount of makeup used as well. An overdose of the same may lead to more ‘sexy’ results!

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