• Posted :   Jul 6th, 2011

    Have you ever thought of designing your own ball gown? Well! When you can find such beautiful patterns and designs in various colors then why would you design? But remember the satisfaction that comes with the self customized ball gown will never be there for a readymade one.

    Ball gowns are worn for formal occasions. It happens to all of us that whenever there is a special occasion you can never find a dress or a gown of your choice. The best option will be to design your own ball gown with few art supplies this task can be achieved.

    Its time to get creative girl and use your imagination to design a ball gown which will reflect your personality and make you look just amazing. When you design your own gown plan a simple yet unique design and get on the task…

    Here are a few tips that will help you design your own Ball Gown:-

    • First select a flattering neckline….The different shapes of necklines are V-neck, sweetheart, plunging, pear shaped, apple shaped designs are revealing necklines for women with heavy bottoms. Box type, Boat shape are neckline for small busts and deep V-neck for tall women.
    • Design a bodice which will match with your torso. After the neckline is finalized you need to design a corset which is planning the dress design from shoulders to the waist length. To draw a bodice remembers that empire waist is for petite women, and V neckline for pear or apple shaped women.
    • Now comes the sleeves. There are many sleeve designs available like cap sleeves, full sleeves, three quarters, off shoulder etc…Now remember that cap sleeves for slender women, off shoulder for pear or apple shape and long sleeves for tall women.
    • It is important that you remember one fashion principle is to enhance your assets and camouflage the worst. Three latest designs to opt for when designing the A-line, mermaid or sheath. Mermaid for slim and slender women, A-line for pear or apple shaped women and sheath for petite.
    • Select color for your ball gown and if plan on selecting a dual color opt for the dominating one to the lower part of the bodice.

    Some materials that you can use for designing ball gowns are lace, silk, chiffon, organza, satin and taffeta. Have fun designing your gown as you will after a few mistakes.

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