• Posted :   Aug 8th, 2011

    Girls when turn into teenagers wants to shop for their clothes on their own. They detest their mom shopping for them. But being amateurs in this field, considering all this while your mum has been doing all the shopping, there might be a little confusion. And you will end up buying clothes at very expensive rates making your mom shriek. It’s only fair for a teenager to say that she wants to shop on her own, because sometimes mom’s taste is not in according to the latest trends.

    So here are a few shopping tips for teenagers hat will be of help.

    *  When you go shopping, you can always pull in a friend, someone who you know is fashionably updated.

    *  Buy clothes that are simple yet trendy. Don’t buy over-sexy clothes, might not be allowed in school. So buy something for daily wear.

    *  While trying on dresses, try the 3-sided mirror, so you know how it looks from all sides.

    *  Set a budget for your clothes and your budget can be sorted out with your mum; no better person can help you with financial matters.

    * Girls who want to look sport and funky can also try clothes for boys; a little alteration might be needed. But doesn’t matter, you’ll get what you want.

    *  Please ensure that the outfits you buy are of good fabric and that they are durable. So try a little pulling and stretching, if it remains intact, the fabric is just fine.

    *  Accessories and shoes should complement your apparel. In case you have a nice denims and a tee-shirt, you can team it up with a converse shoes and a side bag. Looks really cool.

    *  Wise –spending is what most teenagers don’t know, temptations play a big role. Hold your temptations and buy only what you need. Don’t buy anything for the heck of it; buy only if you actually love it.

    *  Don’t follow fashion blindly, wear or buy something that you are sure will look beautiful on you. So in such cases, the friend always helps.

    *  Jackets and denims look ultra-trendy. You can wear a nice solid color tee-shirt with it

    Walk in to high school in trendy and comfortable clothes. Keep your make-up bare minimum and look outstanding in the crowd.

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