• Posted :   Nov 18th, 2009

    lipsBeautiful lips can do wonders to appearance. Lip make up is of great help in it. It makes lips look juicy. Also for looking younger lip make up is good. Give shape to lips with lip liner and be proud of your sensuous soft lips. But do not misunderstand lip make up with just applying lipstick and lip liner. There are proper ways of applying lip make up. Tips for how to apply lip make up are enlisted below:

    For maintaining lip color for the long time, before applying lipstick apply light layer of foundation, dust powder on lips and then color them. This helps lipstick not to change its color and withheld it for a prolonged period of time.

    Prior applying lipstick it is good to give them shape with lip liner. But keep in mind that color of a lip liner should be very close to color of lipstick.

    If you have thin lips and want to make them look thicker make the outline with lip liner just outside the natural lip line while if having thick lips and want to give them thinner look; place the outline just inside the natural lip line.

    Outlining of the lips greatly helps in preventing lip color bleeding. It keeps lipstick in its place.

    After application of lip liner fill the defined shape with lipstick using a brush and blend the color well with the outline until the latter do not come into notice.

    Lipsticks come in many forms like glossy, matte, creamy or frost ones. You need to be sure which one suits you for polished look.

    Lipstick should always be applied in two coats for longer durability.

    Way of applying lipstick is like this, after applying it for the first time press the lips on a tissue paper and then applies the other coat.

    Lip gloss should be applied after applying lipstick. It gives lips glossy look and make them eye catching. Lip gloss looks good on nude lips also.

    Lip gloss makes lips appear fuller, thus women with thick lips should avoid its usage. While for thin lips women it is blessing.

    You will never go wrong if follow these tips. Moreover these tips are handful and everyone can learn them on a short notice.

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