• Posted :   Sep 23rd, 2009

    halloween_make_upFun night i.e. Halloween night is about to come and all preparations from it are already started like getting ready Halloween dress, party preparations and so on. It is a great fun night as on this night adults and children both get into vamps, ghosts look and scare each other. Dressing for it held great importance as it takes you completely into Halloween look. You should dress up in most frightful manner so as to instill terror in others. But with appropriate dress appropriate make up is equally important. Read the below written pointers to do perfect make up according to the theme of the festival.


    Bruising is very good method to get into Halloween look. But for that you do not need to actually hurt you. With make up help you can create a bruised look. For that you need three colors eye shadows-deep i.e. blue, charcoal and shimmer green, and a make up brush. With wet brush blot a deep blue powder eye shadow on face. Use your fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray and blue shadows. Give touch up to edges with a shimmer olive green. Smudge the bruise. And you are ready with bruised look.


    Blood all over is another way to get into vamp look. Make a mixture of red food color and corn syrup and apply it wherever you want to. After applying at desired places do not let the edges of the blood smear. Give ample time to mock blood to dry.

    Hairs on face

    Make eyelashes look bigger with false hairs. Also let fake hairs arise on face at some places. Ghosts are mostly perceived like this only.


    To look like a witch cover the face with green or white powder makeup. Take a black makeup stick and draw lines in V shape in the middle of the forehead and some around the mouth. With eye liner draw lines on the hands almost follow the veins to make the hands look old. Tease and spray hair with a super stick hairspray. Place in a few plastic bugs.

    Give older look

    Older witches are more dangerous thus get into older look with make up. Use lighter color make up over skin using baby powder or white blemish cover stick. Then draw the dark lines over skin. It gives that old, dry look perfect for Halloween party.

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