• Posted :   Aug 20th, 2009


    Fashion does not mean tacky. It is about making statement in whatever you wear. Portraying style in right manner is real fashion. Low cut neckline dresses or plunging neckline dresses is choice of many women and seriously they are very beguiling also. On wearing they give a very sexy and stylish look. But there is a proper place and proper way of wearing them. If not worn properly these dresses send wrong message to people. Here is a guide to wearing low cut dresses.

    Wear camisole

    Wearing camisole is safest way to wear low cut dresses. Wearing them you can go anywhere with these dresses. Camisoles are plain as well as embellished, choose whatever you prefer. Slip into a camisole before you put on your low cut dress and look demure.

    Don cardigan

    A cardigan is a fashionable addition to cover low cut dress. Make a point it is not too tight if you choose to button it up.

    Wear scarf

    Scarf is a great fashionable accessory. It beautifully enhances appearance. You can also wrap scarf around the neck if a low cut top is your favorite. Scarf is an easy way to accessorize and add some coverage at the same time.

    Keep bottom simple

    It is a rule of fashion that at one time only one piece of clothing should be striking. It helps onlookers in focusing on one part. If wearing low cut top then it is the eye catching part of your outfit, thus keep bottom simple.

    Follow these simple guidelines and feel ravishing in low neckline dresses all the time. It is a great dress to portray elegance but lend trashy look if worn wrongly. Add flash to your feminine frame with this charming outfit by wearing it rightly

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