• Posted :   Feb 23rd, 2012

    Do you have a dream of getting the prefect look like Katy Perry, Mary-Kate, Britney spears or Nicole then you need to bring in some improvements in your attire and dressing style. Getting the celeb style clothing is easy but building up the overall look like a diva is not really an easy task.

    Here are some steps you need to follow to get the aspired celeb style appeal-


    • Keep a habit of shopping: if you want to get a celeb look it’s obvious that you might be a shopaholic. However, when it comes to shopping always see to it that you bring in diverse outfits for your wardrobe to make it appear unique with every style of outfit in the fashion market. For instance, buy a tube top, turtle neck top, hater neck top, miniskirt, colorful hot pant and so on. For this choosing an online shop will be the finest decisions because it may give you all the branded outfits in an inexpensive rate


    • Wear big and jazzy accessories: always remember the term ‘big’ opt for bracelet, earrings, big handbags, and rings that may give out a bright appeal. Keep studded jackets, baggy jeans, hot pants and skin fit leather pants as these are the outfits seen in most of the on screens vault.


    • Be a shoe fetish: every celeb has the mania for shoes they tend to have maximum count of shoes in their rack. One thing that you need to do is to keep shoes of every shade that may allow you to change your shoes as per the color of your outfit, which may give a singular theme to your attire.


    • You need not look glamorous every time: when it comes to personal life always see to it that you stay simple which may gain you respect from the people around you. On the other hand, while attending any sort of function transform to a gorgeous girl by making out attire a luxurious one.


    • Follow your own style: Once you get the idea of wearing all your outfits in an ultimate manner see to it that you keep a unique style of yours that other girls may follow.


    If you follow these tips no one can stop you from being the fame of your lane!!


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