• Posted :   Aug 11th, 2009

    Party is like a D day of life where you get chance to flaunt style. Everybody loves party be it any, like prom, evening party, dinner party, cocktail party or simple get together of friends. But for being in style in party require efforts. It needs great pre planning so that no problem comes in executing at the last time. Therefore plan before in advance and give yourself plenty of time. Many times what happen that you are too excited for a party but because of no planning for how to get up ready things might not turn out the way you might want them to. So plan ahead. Here are given a few pointers on how you can groom yourself for d-day and look fabulous.


    Clean your face by washing with cleanser and apply moisturizer after it.

    Take bath before going for party.

    Clean your teeth properly.

    Spray deodorant and plenty of talcum powder.

    Give shape to your nails, so that they look beautiful.

    Apply make up, but do not over do it.

    Make your hairs properly suiting your dress style.



    Jewelry gives final touch to the outfit, so certainly wear it. But keep good taste for good looks. Do not exaggerate you with flashing jewels. A simple necklace, bracelet, simple earrings is enough for all the sparkle you need for party.


    Perfume sends sweet smell and good for holding attention. Flower scents are light and pleasant to wear. Always use scent behind your ears on your wrists, inside your elbows and on your hairs. Do not put scent on your clothes. It may leave a stain and it will very quickly go stale.


    It is a common saying that accessories complete the look, thus do wear them. Also accessories like powder, lipstick, comb, handkerchief etc keep in bag as anytime you can need them.

    Have the final look on mirror

    Before heading out for party finally look at you in mirror from all angles. You will come to know how you are looking and moreover before looking good in others eyes it is essential to look good in own eyes for oozing out confidence.

    If you know you are looking your best then only you can enjoy party to the best.

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