• Posted :   Apr 12th, 2011

    The golden anniversary or 50 years of married life together is probably the most celebrated and cherished wedding anniversaries. And rightly so! Spending 50 years of your life or rather half a century in love with the same person makes a magnificent declaration about the beauty of married life.

    So as you renew your marriage vows together or just plan a get-together or have a huge celebration here are some personal and meaningful 50th wedding anniversary ideas for your wife guaranteed to leave her more in love with you than before.

    As a thank you for her fidelity and being with you all these years and putting up with you gift her gold.  Gold is the perfect symbol for a golden anniversary and is the purely traditional approach. It symbolizes purity and durability. Gold lasts through the worst of conditions just like a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary has gone through the ups and downs of life together.

    Remind your wife why you fell in love with her. The way she looked, her soft eyes or the way she carried herself. Make her feel beautifully feminine. The best way to make your wife blush again is to gift her a gorgeous dress. Every woman loves being pampered. Go all out for your 50th anniversary. Get your wife and companion a beautiful one piece dress.

    You probably know her dressing style the best. Select something that will suit her age and her body type. Mature colors like navy blue or a deep green look awesome. Once you pick out a flattering gown for your wife get her a full beauty makeover complete with spa treatment, a manicure, pedicure and so on. Your wife will be radiant with joy! A dress is a brilliant idea even for a couple on a budget. Theer are plenty of gorgeous and affordable dresses online. Remember to order from a trusted website though.

    A golden wedding anniversary should be treasured. It is a celebration of 50 years of memories and 50 years of holding each other’s hand and supporting the other.  Celebrate this love and gift your wife a small thank you.

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