• Posted :   Dec 3rd, 2011


    Winter season is one season that requires a lot of care and pampering in terms of clothes, skin and hair. It is a beautiful season with snow and frosty winds. With filing your wardrobe with winter clothes it also deals with a lot of skin and hair care. Skim through to find a few useful tips for this winter.



    Woolen clothes are the best buy for a cold time of the year. Sweatshirts come handy at every occasion. They can be worn over anything. A jeans or even a dress will be an ideal option to wear with a sweatshirt. In case of any parties to be attended considering it is also Christmas and New Year time, you can pick dresses made of wool or even cotton. They will fit well and will also keep you warm. However Woolen clothes don’t have many styles and cuts. If you go for satin dresses, you can always consider wearing a bolero over it.

    Another best outfit would be leather combination dresses. Leather is very protective in nature. So the warmth and comfort part can be kept aside without any apprehensions. As far as the style goes it depends on how you choose your style, color and cuts.


    Skin has to be taken care of all the time irrespective of whether it is winter or summer. More than the climate and other outer surroundings, your body intake also reflects the kind of skin you have. The best you can during winters is drink lots of water. Now that’s a basic rule written and read a million times. Additionally you can add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Restrict your use of soap since soap steals away the moisture. Buy some good moisturizing lotions and creams. It will keep your skin from drying and the moisture will remain intact.

    For the lips always apply petroleum jelly. That is the best you can do to keep your lips soft and supple.



    Deep conditioning, oiling very often are the 2 basic things to for or your hair. Avoid any kind of styling especially heat styling. Do not leave your hair open. Tie them up in style.



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