• Posted :   Jun 1st, 2011

    A lot of women pay a bomb to get their hair colored. It could be streaks, it could be highlights or it could just be the whole head. Hair color is a lot of fun if you know what suits you and how to dress it up. Of course, coloring your hair does not come cheap so it’s pretty important to get good quality hair color and to get it to last as long as possible. Don’t forget to dress up wonderfully to add that zing to your appearance. A beautiful cocktail dress or a lovely red carpet gown or just a casual summer dress – your outfit should compliment your hair.

    Tips to get your hair color to last as long as possible:

    1. Gap out your hair washes:
    Don’t wash your hair the first chance you get. Try and stretch out your hair washes to once after every three days. Use a dry shampoo spray to stretch out the time between washings. Less washings help keep your color and your hair from getting dry and unmanageable.

    2. Use less product:

    A huge number of women think that more the product, the better the hair. Wrong! Too much product is just wasteful and can simply dry out your hair. If you use a quality product, you have to just use lesser and yield max results.

    3. Change the way you wash/shampoo your hair:

    Now that you are not going to be using so much product, concentrate on washing and scrubbing your scalp instead. Remember, it is your scalp that is the source of the oil and dirt and not your hair. Wet your hair and use only minimal product. Clean out your scalp.

    4. Cold over hot:

    Keep the hot water away from your hair. Take a warm shower if you like but use only cold or luke warm water to wash your hair. A cool rinse will close the cuticles and give your hair some shine.

    5. Avoid waterfalls:

    Never ever stand under the shower and let the water run on top of your head. This not only dries out your hair and skin but it also leaches color from your hair cuticles and fades your color.

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