• Posted :   Aug 1st, 2011

    Engagement day is nearing and you still don’t know what to wear, lest you look overly dressed like it’s your wedding day. Many make such fashion bloopers. You don’t want to look similar on both your wedding and engagement day.

    So do not worry, engagement dresses come in many styles and cuts. They are not too heavy or too simple. They strike a balance so that you look a million dollar diva. If you know all little about dresses, you would know just right in picking the right one. Or you can pick a few magazines and keep a check on what many celebrities wore to their big day.

    Engagement dresses worn by ladies from a royal background:

    Late princess Diana set a trend in this case. Her engagement dress was spectacular and much spoke about. Even today, it draws millions of attracters.

    Her engagement dress had a long tail which was almost 25ft. Following her legacy was Kate Middleton who again wore a beautiful white color gown. The latest trends however have changed a little. Not everyone wants to wear these huge white gowns for their engagement. You can wear these gowns too in case you want to make an exception fashionably.

    Latest trends in engagement dresses:

    Short dresses that are body-hugging are also seen a lot in many engagements. Kate wore a white short dress that look pretty simple but ecstatic at the same time. This can be called a new fashion trend.

    Similarly, many ladies prefer wearing dresses that are sexy looking and at the same time classic. You don’t have to stick to the color white but you can experiment with colors like soft purple, baby pink or even beige.

    Vintage dresses are also available that can be perfectly worn for engagement. Imagine a vintage engagement dress; it looks very elegant and traditional. Colors used can be kept very simple and not eye-pinching. Go for designer wear, because that will leave you more confident about the dress and you can be sure about the fabric.

    Just remember that any engagement dress you wear, keep your accessories sober and not loud. So you will look more sophisticated and confident on your big day.

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