• Posted :   May 23rd, 2011

    Think colorful, festival, jazzy, hippy or boho. If you feel in the mood for any of the above then read on. If not, then read on anyway – you might just change your mind. It is essential for every woman to own at least one funky cocktail dress or one funky summer dress in her wardrobe. It’s for those moments where you feel like just letting loose and creating a style statement albeit boldly and without loosing what is essentially you!

    Rule number one is never being afraid to experiment. Mix ‘n’ match, try on colors you would never consider choosing. Work on something different without it crossing into extreme weirdness. The trend making it big this season involves bright colors and plenty of girly elements. Think ruffles and ribbons and plenty of pretty bows! Neons and metallics are among the most influencing factors of girl’s funky clothing. A beautiful body hugging metallic evening gown is bound to get you plenty of compliments. Just look at the stars (the celeb kind). Everyone from Anne Hathaway to Celine Dion to the delicious Penelope Cruz is carrying off metallic shaded red carpet gowns to plenty of applause and compliments.

    The warmer months of summer demand a mix and match concept where fabrics coordinate and blend together but aren’t matched perfectly. Try out the graffiti effect for casual summer dresses. They look funky and bring out a more 80’s rocker feel.

    Bubble skirts, tutus and twirl skirts are also expected to make it big in funky town! You could even pair your short skirts with leggings if that works for you. The traditional, classic and retro looks are always big hits when it comes to dressing up funky. A bit of glitter here or some beads and sequins there and you just may be the next rock ‘n’ roll queen.

    Remember to accessorize well no matter what look you choose.The best accessory for a funky look, however, is dollops of confidence. Walk like you have an invisible crown on your head and you will notice how people automatically gravitate towards you.

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