• Posted :   Jun 3rd, 2011

    Having your own sense of style always involves creativity – even if it’s just choosing how you’ll wear a few basic pieces from your wardrobe on a given day. You could be heading for a cocktail party in a gorgeous cocktail dress or you could be heading out in a casual summer dress – creativity is key to looking good.

    Of course being creative is fun but sometimes you need a little help and take tips from others. Just like artists and writers often look for inspiration in nature or from other people, as budding “fashionistas” – there is absolutely no harm in taking a little inspiration too!

    There are several ways to get your style juices flowing but the best way to do so are to find yourself a celebrity “double”. A celebrity “double” is basically someone you look to for fashion inspiration. Now if you are 18 there’s no point in taking your fashion inspiration from Helen Mirren. Select someone closest to your age and body structure. Celebrities pay top dollar to be dressed up right. A celebrity whose hair color, height, etc., is close to yours is best. Don’t expect to find a perfect twin of yourself-but at least someone you identify with and with whom you have lots of similarities. Choose your celeb double and look to her for fashion tips the nest time you pick out a cocktail gown.

    Always make sure that your chosen celebrity should have a similar shape and coloring to you and more importantly they should have a dressing style that you admire, can relate to and would ne comfortable in.

    You may find your celeb double in a beautiful red carpet gown, try and figure out why you like it so much and what about it calls out to you. Is it the color, fit or unusual way of putting together an outfit that makes you want to emulate that particular look?

    You must remember that you can also carry off a look just as any celeb can. You may not have your own personal stylist but you are equipped with a mirror and self opinion. Just take your style queues from your celebrity double!

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