• Posted :   Oct 21st, 2009

    short_women_dress1Unlike tall women shorter women has to choose their clothing by giving little thought. She should know how to maximize her appearance. There are some fashion tips which are of great help to her for enhancing appearance. Here are those rules of thumb:

    Wear vertical design outfits

    Dress featuring vertical lines design work greatly for shorter height women. It gives them an illusion of height. Outfits having horizontal lines should be avoided by short women. Such fashion styles work negatively on them.

    Monochromatic color dress do magic

    Wear dress having one color from top till bottom. It does not break silhouette and impart longer, leaner silhouette. Even accessories like footwear and hosiery should also be of the same color. Remember anything in contrast detracts from length.

    Avoid bright colors

    Short women are advised to avoid wearing bright color dresses. Bright color clothes tend to make them look shorter.

    Be simple in dressing

    Everybody likes details but it is not necessary that it will look good on everyone. Short women should avoid wearing detailed dress as it overwhelms them. As simple she will be the more good she will look.

    Wear empire waist dresses

    Empire waist dresses are blessing for short women. This style lends younger, slimmer and taller look to short women.

    Wear tailored dresses

    Tailored dresses are best friend of short women. They are exactly of their shape and size thus greatly enhances their looks and makes them look attractive.

    Moderate heels are for you

    Too high heels look awkward on you. Heel of two inch is perfect for you. Also do not wear flats at the same time, as it is also not for you. A two inch heel really elongates your appearance. Footwear having straps across the foot or around the ankle should be avoided as they visually cut the legs off.

    Avoid Capri’s

    Short women think that wearing Capri’s or mid calf pants or jeans will give them smart and taller look. But what happens is just its opposite. It is one of the most common fashion mistakes short women do. These pants or jeans cuts legs in two making appear shorter than you are. Always wear floor length jeans and pants so as to make your silhouette longer.

    These dressing tips will certainly help in looking short women look tall but with it you also have to keep in mind that you stand straight with your shoulders back. It is considered right posture and literally adds inches to your height.

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