• Posted :   Apr 5th, 2011

    Any lady, no matter her size and shape, has every right to both look and feel good about herself. A woman with a voluptuous frame has every right to style and profile the way a slimmer woman does. The simple trick lies in dressing your own size and not the one you wish to be!

    Wrong clothing choice can emphasize a low self-esteem, negative body language and a bad body image. Au contraire, the correct clothes can boost your body image, self esteem and confidence. When it comes to looking good – size does not matter. What matters is the way a woman dresses her body and the way she carries herself.


    1. Never dress smaller than your size. It’s the golden rule of dressing up and holds especially true for women with larger frames. A smaller outfit will fit snugly – or rather a little too snugly on you and make you sweat in places you would rather not sweat in!
    2. Avoid wearing bright colors. While this statement should not be misconstrued in purchasing a dull wardrobe, avoid colors like fluorescents or singular bright shades. They draw attention to all the problem areas that would be better off concealed!
    3. Horizontal lines make plus sized women look wider. Vertical lines are a good idea. But if the stripes are too thick or too fitted or go zig zag across some areas, the result can be disastrous!
    4. Tapered denims make hips look wider and the ankles look swollen. Those with big, wide feet should especially keep away!


    1. Dresses look fantastic on plus sized women – especially the empire waist ones in light fabrics like georgette, chiffon and taffeta.
    2. Always dress your size! If you are a size thirteen, choose a size thirteen outfit. In fact, a great idea would be to purchase a size bigger and then alter it to your size in a manner that flatters the body.
    3. Accentuate your appendages. A well groomed woman is always appreciated. Get those manicures and pedicures. Smell good. Have fresh clean skin. Clothing is only one aspect of a plus sized woman. Make an effort to accessorize and look great overall for a ravishing effect!
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