• Posted :   May 11th, 2011

    The red carpet is the one place where celebrities are scrutinized from the blister below their foot to the grey strand in their hair. In such circumstances, it’s so very important to choose the perfect cocktail or formal dress. The latest color rocking the gorgeous summer of 2011 summer is the delicious green.  Green is a color of coolness. It symbolizes nature, healthy, environment, renewal, good luck, spring, youth, generosity, jealousy, fertility, envy, inexperience and vigor. How can anyone resists wearing a color that symbolizes such energy? A huge number of celebs right from the stunning Catherine Zeta Jones to the gorgeous Kierra Knightley have done justice to this wonderful color. Here are a few green dress styles for you to try out:

    * Green Red Carpet Formal Gown:

    Pick out a beautiful deep green shade cocktail dress like the one Catherine Zeta Jones chose for the Golden Globe Awards. It had plenty of ruffles and swayed around the ground in a fascinating flurry of fabric and richness. The full skirt blended with the strapless sweetheart neckline complimented her beautiful figure wonderfully. She showed off her curves fantastically while still looking elegant and glorious. It’s no wonder that a whole host of magazines and fashion websites voted her the most glamorous woman at the Globes. Dark green or hunter green, or forest green, or British racing green is always a welcome trend on the red carpet.

    * Green Red Carpet Formal Dress:

    The red carpet is not only about flowing materials. In a host of non-hues, a lovely jade green is a welcome trend. Think Angelina Jolie who resisted her usual black to opt for a daring sparkly full sleeved gown.  Angelina’s frame often tends toward the gaunt and the high-neck/low back style was the ultimate hit.

    * Green Red Carpet Formal Satin Gown:

    Think Connie Britton who dressed in a beautiful clean cut green satin gown.  The gown was extremely flattering and oh so sexy. The straight cut showed off her length fantastically without making her look starved or too lean.

    * Green Red Carpet Short Formal Dress:

    The red carpet is awash with floor length gowns and flowing dresses with trails. In such cases, a short elegant light green dress is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Pick out a straight cut and fitting dress. Show off your legs, make an impression!

    It is very important to accessorize well with green dresses. The biggest confusion most women face is whether to combine their green dresses with gold or silver.  If there are accents of any color then stick to accessories matching that color. In case of a plain green dress, then select your accessories according to the shade of the dress. Light greens demand accessories different from those of the darker shades.  A safe option would be black. Pumps are always a great choice with formal gowns. If your green dress is plain then opt for heavier accessories. If you’re main focus is the dress then choose something petite.

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