• Posted :   Jan 6th, 2011

    petite_fashionIf I asked 20 girls to picture a dress in their head, I bet each of the 20 girls will picture something totally different from the other, varying from full length gowns to tiny and naughty little party dresses. A dress and the way you carry it can pretty much set the mood around you.

    Most times, it’s essential that you dress according to the mood around you. I mean there is absolutely no point going to a fresher’s party dressed in a ball room gown or heading to ball room dance dressed in a flirty, tiny dress.

    Some people are just blessed with the perfect body that makes anything, even rags from the road, look gorgeous (Sigh!). Others work real hard to achieve it ands some others (like me) just have to make our dresses work for us!

    There are so many factors you have to consider while selecting a dress. Your body type, your skin tone, your height and sometimes even the color of your hair (ask the redheads!). the beauty about clothing, especially dresses, are the millions of variations available, which makes it almost impossible to not find something that suits you!

    Short people find it especially difficult to pick outfits. I mean most tall women can carry out anything. But if you’re short, you have got to be a little more picky and careful when you select dresses.

    Short and Stocky:

    • If you are of the short and stocky build with wide hips but great legs, I suggest you opt for a dress with frills, that stops mid-thigh or for a more modest look, on that stops at your knees or just a little above it. Team your outfit with a great pair of heels. This takes the attention away from your hips and more towards your legs.

    • If your legs are shorter than your torso, always try and pick dresses as compared to full length denims. Pick dresses that tighten just below your chest and flow in an A-line manner. Never ever pick tight or low-waist skirts or gowns! They only go to emphasize your legs. Always opt for gowns that have more work on the bodice than on the hem. This once again diverts your attention to the top than to your lower body.

    Short and Slim:

    • It’s easier to pick outfits when you are short and slim. Think Shakira and Sarah Michelle Gellar! The big advantage of being short and slim is that you almost always look cute no matter what you wear. If you would like to endorse the cute image, pick short, summer dresses with frills at the hemline. Bright colors only serve to heighten the image. If you’re looking to create and elegant repertoire, I suggest you stick to pastel shades, preferably single shades. Pick a dress that is elegant and chic, ending somewhere at your knees.

    • A big no-no in my dictionary is gowns and full sleeves. If you’re short, always avoid full sleeves where you can. Tube dresses, off shoulders, sleeveless, cap sleeves, half sleeves – basically anything which ends at your elbows is fine. Try and avoid full sleeved dresses. If you really really want to wear full sleeved outfits, just for a change, make sure it ends somewhere around mid-thigh. Preferably tie up your hair in a knot, so your neck is visible, making your body look longer.

    • Sometimes you just cannot avoid gowns. You have to wear them! If you have to pick a full length gown, pick one with a high low hem, cut in the centre – preferably outlined by ruffles. If your calves are far from ideal, this gown cuts out the calves, only showing half of it, leaving the rest to imagination. Just like a dress, pick a gown that tightens just below the chest, rather than something which tightens on your hips! This gives the appearance of length!

    The color of your gown is pretty important too. If you are of a stocky build, opt for darker shades – they help you look slimmer and taller. If you are of a slim build – depending on your skin type, you can pretty much opt for any color.

    So dress yourself up the next time you have to head to a party and don’t worry about your height. Its all about the way you carry yourself!

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