• Posted :   Jun 30th, 2009

    fashion-advice Who says fashion is for teenage girls and young women only? Fashion boundary is expanded for all. But it’s commonly found that women over 50 start fretting about their looks. They come in the impression that everything is over for them. Hey in which era you live? Fashion world has something for everyone that keeps you energetic and looking fashionable always. Remember how you visualize yourself and assert you matters much.

    This is true that fashion also grows with age and what befits 18 years old girl does not look good on 50 years old but there is something special kept for them. There is a little girl hidden in every woman, who wants to look beautiful, no matter what her age is. Clothing is the main thing that makes every woman feel good about her. Thus to wear it right according to the age can be really rocking and have fun at every age. Ooze beauty by wearing right style dresses. This article gives the most exclusive fashion clothing advices for women over 50.

    • Do not run after trendy dresses that are not for you. Instead of giving you chic look they will add fun factor to you. Go for the dress that looks good on you and above all comfortable.

    • Wear something that gives sophisticated look. Thus go for dress silhouettes having clean lines without fussy details or frills.

    • Avoid choosing outfits that are too tight or too loose, as they do not give an elegant look. Right fitting dresses are good to opt for enhancing the shape of your body.

    • Short and plunging neckline dresses look very cheap on older women, avoid them. If fashionable clothing is your choice then long fitting skirt with a side slit is very good for you. It will surely add to the oomph factor.

    • Attires that show skin like strapless, halter, one shoulder etc looks very unflattering on women above or at 50. If you don’t want long sleeves opt for tunics having sleeves made of sheer material. This will reveal your arms without looking vague.

    • Go for dresses having bold and classic designs. Small prints and vertical narrowed stripes greatly flatter you. Urban fashion for aged women includes trench coats, turtlenecks, A-line skirts, waist-length jackets, shirtdresses, eternal blue jeans, gowns with classy shrugs, etc.

    • Avoid dresses like leather clothing, low waist jeans, mini skirts, pleated dresses and Capris.
    • Garish make up ruins the appearance of 50 year women. Stick to minimal, it adds glow to your looks. Accessories are another way to shape up your looks.

    As women reaches 50, she steps on another fashion world that is very different from the one she has left behind but equally elegant and stately. It’s not an end but a new beginning.

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