• Posted :   Feb 2nd, 2010

    Colors are very important part of life and touch its every aspect. Different colors fill our life with happiness. In dressing also they play a great role. Just like individual dressing style each color also define our personality and says a lot about us. Dress color reveals our inner side out and speaks of what we are from inside.

    How interesting it is to know that colors tells a lot about us. But more interesting is to know about the philosophy of colors. This article mentions what every color stands for and how it affects personality.

    Red color

    Red color symbolizes passion, sensuality, aggressions, energy, boldness, confidence and love. Red color dress is worn by those have all or one of these attributes. For looking unique and distinctive wearing red dress is the best trick.

    Pink color

    Pink color indicates calmness, freshness and tranquility. If you are soft and placid by nature then pink dress is best for you.


    Black color

    Power, elegance, sophistication and grace are what black color represents. Those having good personality, dash in appearance and are refined to look at should wear black dress.

    White color

    White epitomizes purity, innocence, neatness, cleanness and simplicity. If want to look neat and clean go for white dress. Also for projecting purity and simplicity in appearance this color dress is best to wear.  

    Blue color

    Blue color stands for love, affection and warmth. Those who are instilled with all these personality traits should wear blue dress.

    Yellow color  

    Yellow color expresses anxiety and alertness of mind. Also this color conveys beauty. Women wearing yellow color dress portrays they are quick by nature but at the same time beautiful also.

    Purple color

    Purple color indicates spirituality. Women wearing purple dress show they are much religious.  

    Green color

    Green color freshness, relaxation and calm. It suits those having calm personality.

        Thus next time you go for shopping buy color dress that best suits your personality. From this article find out which color best defines your personality and wear the same color dress. This will impart confidence as well best look to you.

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