• Posted :   Jul 21st, 2009


    Why it is said day make up should be light while you are free to use dark colors, lots of sheer and gloss for evening? Many think it’s because of colors. It’s a complete myth as it is not the colors but lights that make all the difference in the day and evening makeup.

    For evening dark make up works good but make sure it is not looking tacky. It should be a perfect blend of sophistication and sexiness to pull up that hot look. Evening lights can either accentuate your makeup or make it appear dull.

    To know more about evening make up or party make up read below guidelines and apply them to groom perfectly.

    1) First of all apply loose, translucent powder all over face to get the perfect look. Use a large powder brush and apply powder all over the face and neck.

    2) Apply rosy blusher to cheeks for enhancing the shape of your face. Apply it to the apples of cheeks, down each side of nose, under chin and above temples. This gives a great finishing touch.

    3) Due to the reflection of light on face dark make up works better for evening. Bold colors like Red, Maroon and Wine etc are safe during evenings. Shimmer and shine products should be used generously, but ensure that you don’t look tacky.

    4) The best way to create drama is to enhance only one feature of face and keep others simple. Don’t work on all the features. Let’s suppose you want to highlight your lips. If you use a red lipstick to accentuate lips then your eye shadow should be nude or pastel. Likewise if you play up your eyes then use a lighter shade of lipstick.

    5) For making eyes dramatic apply eye shadow in three shades i.e. dark, medium and light of the same family. Use shimmer eye shadow as it gives fabulous look to eyes.

    6) You can also add shimmer on the exposed areas of body like shoulder, neck, cleavage and so on. If don’t want shimmer to fall on your clothes mix it with a light moisturizer. It will stay in place.

    It takes little effort to apply these tips and you can become belle of the ball.

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