• Posted :   Jan 7th, 2010

    Evening is best time of the day to celebrate. Many celebrations are generally held at evening only because people enjoy the most at this time. Whether it is wedding, birthday party, prom, cocktail party, New Year party or Valentine’s Day party all celebrations mostly takes place in evening. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at evening is the perfect idea because evening time instills romance in environment and couples best express their feelings at this time.      

    With enjoyment evening party also gives great chance to dress up. First thing that clicks girls when think about evening Valentine’s Day party is what to wear and how to do make up. You can opt for your favorite style dress that oozes love but its look is incomplete till it is adorn by right make up. Make up is different for each time of the day. Follow the tips below for knowing makeup tips for evening.

    Beautiful Eyes

    Eyes are the most eye catching part of face. They are the first one who catches attention. And evening time is appropriate to highlight them. Evening eye make up makes them very beautiful. In two ways you can adorn eyes, Gothic and Smoky ones. They are two beautiful forms of adorning eyes. For gothic make up adorn your eyelashes with three coats of black and metallic mascara. Also add crystals to eyes as they impart them a magical touch. Crystals should be applied with eye glue. That’s all and you are ready to amaze all with your beautiful gothic eyes.

    Smoky eyes are another fabulous option to opt for. They change face dramatically and turn you into a stylish diva. For smoky eyes embellish eye lids with colors like plum, dark blue, deep green etc. Also define your eyes with a dark black liquid or pencil eyeliner and remember to draw a line till the outer edge of your upper eye lash. But make sure that your lips are not highlighted if having smoky eyes as they alone are enough to create stir.

    Glossy Lips

    Lips are another adorning part of face that gives you beautiful look. Thinness and thickness of lips should be kept in mind while adorning them. Thin lip women should go for a dark, shimmered gloss. Use non-glossy color if want to make your broad lips appear sexy. Thick lips women should opt for metallic lip colors.  Use a lip pencil for shaping your lips. Broad lip women should avoid using lip pencil.

    While applying make up make a point to highlight only one facial feature. It is the best way to look good. Do apply glossy and shiny shades to the eyes and the lips. But if you are in 40’s avoid as shimmer is not for mature skins.

    Be the star in your beloved eyes by looking beautiful with best make up application.

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