• Posted :   May 28th, 2009

    og_style_adviceBag is an important accessory of a girl or women’s wardrobe for making fashion statement. But these days they are carried not just for making statement but for carrying stuffs also. That’s why their size is increasing with each passing year. If it’s girl’s bag whether big or small, it’s impossible to have it without beauty products and its right also, after all girl represents fashion.

    If beauty products are an essential part of their bag then below are mentioned few, which her bag should encompass.

    Moisturizer or lotion is the first major thing every girl’s bag must have. It is to save skin from getting dry. Just take it in hands and start rubbing, that’s all. This you can do at any place.

    Another essential is foundation. Problems come without telling only. You never know when that pimple will come in your face. Thus always keep your savior i.e. foundation in your bag.

    You can look kissable at any time just by carrying small tube of lip gloss all the time with you. Your bag should never be without it. No excuses will be accepted for not carrying it as it comes in small sizes also.

    Though a mint is not a beauty product but still it should be in your bag. Its smell makes you attractive.

    Perfume is a great thing to have in your bag. One spray never lasts for the entire day, thus you need it again. Just one spray smells you like a goddess. Carry small size of it.

    Blush is indispensable part of your bag as its one tinge adds great warmth to the face. It replenishes look in fraction of seconds. Small sized blushes are available so as to perfectly fit in bag.

    Just one lipstick does a lot in making appearance. It adds plenty of glamour to your face. Always carry its sexy shade in your bag. You can apply it easily anywhere.

    Small hair blush is also an important item of your bag. Unruly hairs ruin the looks.

    At last, give a final touch up to your bag with stylish and enduring small compact mirror. It is a clear representation of your looks and is an absolute must for your bag.

    These must have beauty products will always keep you looking flawless anytime, anywhere and take less space in your bag.

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