• Posted :   Jul 26th, 2011

    Nothing beats the charisma and aura of getting married at the beach. A perfect sunset point; open sky; swift sound of the waves and the magical words being spoken by the wedding minister and there you go you are married….Congratulations!

    Summer seasons favorite wedding destination is the beach. This is the time when most couples pick up their favorite destination to get married; but to make your beach wedding successful without any glitches; follow the simple set of rules when it comes to selecting perfect beach wedding attire.

    Length of the wedding gown (most Important): – Always remember and do not get carried away by exotic lengthy gowns as this is not a good option for a beach wedding. Keep in mind the strong winds, wet sand and humidity.
    Suggestions: – Short cocktail dresses; tea length gowns are the best options as they will not get dirty in sand or wet in water.

    Fabrics for Beach Wedding Dress: – Humidity is the major issue which you have to fight with. A light and airy fabric should be selected if you give importance to common sense. Try to avoid heavy, non airy fabrics which are suitable only for indoors.
    Suggestions: – Crepe, linen, chiffon are some of the most beautiful and light and porous fabrics which will definitely make you look beautiful.

    Beach Style Attire: – A glamorous style should be preferred as the indoor weddings are more traditional….just keep it casual and glamorous.
    Suggestions: – Halter necks and sleeveless wedding dresses are perfect for beach weddings casual attire; there is a variety of fascinating tea length dresses available for your romantic beach weddings.

    Select Bold Colors: – Bold colors look graceful on a beach. Since you have selected informal attire….then you can break of from the regular white wedding gowns and opt for colors like royal blue and red.

    Congratulations! Have a happy married life and do not forget to take dip in the ocean after the wedding.

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