• Posted :   Jul 8th, 2009

    ae3584c054dc44d2Earrings are women’s best friend. They feel incomplete without it. Like different style dresses suit different figures, it holds same for different style earrings also. All styles of earrings are not for all figures. This article states about the styles of earrings suiting short and petite figure women.
    1) Stud Earrings
    Stud earrings look good on all. Petite women look all the way more good in them as they are proportioned in an appropriate manner. They are available in various varieties, thus amongst them any one will certainly give finishing touch to your dress in which you want to stand out.

    2) Drop Earrings
    Drop earrings are good enough for short and petite women as they add height to them. But they should be vertical in shape or of teardrop shape. They dangle just below the earlobe.
    3) Button earrings
    Button earrings look much flattering on short women as they are not big in shape. Their diameter should not cover entire earlobe. Small ones perfectly complement the outfit.

    4) Dangle Earrings
    Dangle earrings are perfect for short women. As they fall freely from the earlobe, thus give an illusion of height for short women. They can be of any length but mainly keep in mind that its design and beads attached to them should not be too large.

    5) Chandelier earrings
    Chandelier earrings are much popular amongst all for their suitability to all figure and imparting stunning look. They still are very popular and petites also love them. But they should pay attention to proportion when selecting chandeliers because they are generally very large.

    Thus select the one of short proportion so that they look in accordance to your body shape. Large earrings on short women stand out too much in comparison to the rest of her outfit. Also they create horizontal line instead of vertical ones, which shortens the height.

    These five basic style earrings make a great statement for petite and short women. Bring out your softer feminine side, the sexy goddess, or present simple charm, sophistication, or elegance with these enchanting styles.

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