• Posted :   Jun 23rd, 2011

    Petite basically means women who stand below 5’3” (1.64m) and not someone with a tiny, thin frame. Petite women often have quite a few difficulties in grappling with many of today’s runway-look styles and cuts. Now while willowy waif can probably carry off a lot more trends than you can, you stand a few advantages that they probably will never have. Petite women can look as fashionable and hot as the next woman. Just look at Shakira and Sarah Michelle Gellar. They may be petite but their dressing never shows that on screen.

    Just follow a few fashion tips and believe it or not, you’re just as ready as the next woman to make a fashion impression. What you need to do is create an illusion of length. It doesn’t matter if you have shorts legs or a short torso, just learn these simple dressing tips:

    *  Avoid cutting your body in half:

    One of the most important tips of learning how to dress is to learn how not to cut your body into half. For an illusion of length, you need to pick out a sleek, single body look which basically translates into shopping smarter. The rule of the game is more height and less width. Choose single, solid colored dresses for both the top and bottom half. Dark colors help give off a sleeker look and remember monochromes are your best friend.

            *  Beware of belts:

    Short women and belts don’t gel quite well together. Wearing a belt around your waist simply breaks your body into two halves and we know how wrong that is. Empire cut dresses are a huge fad these days; low waist dresses are quite trendy too. Short women have to be rather careful while selecting belts since everything from the size of the buckle to the width of the belt matter.

          *   Stripes, prints and patterns:

    Horizontal stripes are a fashion faux pas for plus size women and petite women. Both need to stay as far away as possible form them. Vertical stripes are more the path to follow. They create an illusion of length. Pin striped dresses or skirts look gorgeous on short women. Look for dresses with vertical lines rather than horizontal ones, you’ll be surprised what a different it makes to your height.

    You also need to stay away from wide patterns, small prints and big florals. Go for vertical-style prints such as a long paisley swirls or flowers with stalks, ascending down the garment.

            *  Skirts and Dresses

    Never select pencil skirts especially if you have short legs. It works to emphasize how short your legs really are and that is not a good thing. Full length skirts do not give an illusion of length irrespective of popular belief. Petite women look best in skirts ending just above the knee. Alternatively, picking out a sleek cut maxi dress (not a maxi-skirt with volume) with a pair of high-heels, will have an elongating effect, providing the dress is of a slimming color or print. Mini dresses and mini skirts also look great.

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